Jharkhand was the state with the highest response rate of 40.74%, followed by 38.02% from Gujarat, 35.88% from Delhi and 34.11% from Uttarakhand. States with larger than 5% shares among the respondents were led by Gujarat with 12.96%, Maharashtra with 11.95%, Uttar Pradesh with 10.41%, Madhya Pradesh with 9%, Tamil Nadu with 8.22%, West Bengal with 7.51%, Karnataka with 7.27% and Delhi with 6.47%. Across the respondent universe, manufacturing companies comprised 65% of enterprises, 30% of respondents were services enterprises, while 5% of enterprises have a presence in both manufacturing as well as services.

Respondent enterprises were further classified into 19,687 micro units or 52%, 14,766 small enterprises or 39% and 3407 medium enterprises or 9%.

The survey has revealed that 12,412 units operate in the B2B business space and 67% of units operate in the B2C business space, while micro units dominate the B2C space, with 78% of all B2C business and medium enterprises dominating the B2B business.

Sectors represented in the respondent universe were led by pharma at 6.99%, manufacturing units of machinery, machine tools and hand tools at 6.63%, agro and foods at 6.60%, building and construction at 5.50%, paper and packaging at 5.21%, chemicals and petrochemicals at 4.50% and automotive units at 3.99%.