India SME Forum, which is India's largest Not for Profit organization for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), has initiated the second edition of the “State of the MSME” National Survey. A primary survey of MSMEs, the objectives are to determine the issues faced by India’s MSME sector and requirements of various ecosystem changes, for amplifying entrepreneurship and enabling job creation.

The study is also meant to provide deeper insights on the actual state of India’s MSMEs and key requirements at the ground level.

The survey will be India’s largest nationwide survey of micro, small and medium enterprises covering over 9 lac enterprises.


The survey, containing 23 questions will help MSMEs in highlighting their difficulties in different verticals, addressing GST, labour and capital issues, apart from rating supply side & demand side parameters that affect business.

Feedback on the ecosystem offered by Various States will be able to determine the leading system offering a conducive ecosystem for Micro, Small and Medium Entrepreneurs apart from identifying key parameters, which the policy makers should incorporate in near future ensuring MSMEs achieve their true potential.

Being conducted over a period of four months covering December 2021 – March 2022 in 23 states across the country, the Survey will be help formulate a whitepaper which can form the basis of decision making by the GST council, RBI and institutions overseeing development of Industry, exports, standards, consumer & labour welfare, finance as well as trade and commerce, so that relevant policies and appropriate measures can be taken for the benefit of MSMEs.

This Survey is being conducted in association with ASIAN CENTRE FOR ECONOMIC & ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT AND EDUCATION (ACEEDE) & Businesswise magazine.

ASIAN CENTRE FOR ECONOMIC & ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT AND EDUCATION (ACEEDE) is India’s Largest Institute of Entrepreneurial Economics. The institute reaches out to young students, innovators, entrepreneurs and CXOs in high growth Small and Medium Enterprises to promote an entrepreneurial culture, offering a unique opportunity for them to understand and inculcate practical experiences and best practices for planning, setting up and growing their businesses to the next level.

Businesswise is the India's largest circulated monthly business magazine for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.